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Online ticketing sales
Welcome to our online ticketing system.
Here, you can get your tickets in a simple way.

These are the available packages. Take advantage of the cumulative discount buying a package.
NOTE: Date and time of the events are subject to change.

Join us 2017/2018! (Jan-Jul)

We want to reward your fidelity: get a 20% discount for the purchase of 3 or more shows. This pack doesn’t include the opera shows.

+ Taste it... We offer you a 10% discount in an extra opera show and a nice gift. Come to our box office if you like to taste opera!

Discounts are not cumulative and are applied at rates above € 12.

Events to choose
(from 3 to 28 of the 10)

28 April 20:00
5 May 20:00

8 May 20:00
10 May 20:00

18 May 20:30

19 May 21:30

30 June 20:00

Events to choose
(from 0 to 1 of the 2)

Opera x2
Discount of 10% for the purchase of 2 shows of the 32 Season of Opera and Ballet.
Events to choose (2 out of 3)

Tot Teresetes
Get the 2 adult shows of the Teresetes Festival for € 15
Events to choose (2 out of 2)

18 May 20:30
19 May 21:30

Fundació Teatre Principal de Palma
Carrer de la Riera 07003 Palma
Telephone: 971219700

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